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Do you want to gain a 360° expertise in designing timber structures?

In only 2 weeks of intensive course you can acquire the knowledge you need to calculate and build timber structures and expand your job opportunities.

TEEW: Timber Educational Engineering Weeks.

Rothoblaas, the Italian multinational company that develops high-tech solutions for timber construction, is organising the first intensive training course for engineers, structural engineers, architects, designers and recent graduates on the design of timber structures. These programmes are designed to equip you with the latest skills about design, making you a master of timber structures in the modern world.


1. Stand out from the crowd

Set yourself apart from the masses of designers, head for an expanding sector with few professionals and a large market demand.

2. Save time

The course is intended for professionals who want to enter the world of timber without taking too much time to their professional life or for students who want to make their way into timber construction.

3. Inspiring speakers

The courses will be taught by professionals with extensive experience in university teaching and the world of structural design.

4. Something unique

The course will have an international scope with participants from all over the world. In the technical discussions, the 3 main reference standards (Eurocode, NDS USA and the Canadian code) will be compared.

How, where and when the course takes place.

TEEW: Timber Educational Engineering Weeks

The course of 60 hours in total will take place at the Rothoblaas headquarters in English and consists of 2 parts: Summer Session and Winter Session (two intensive sessions of 5 days each).


The programme offers the possibility to gain in-depth knowledge on the design of timber structures in only 2 intensive weeks. This is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge allowing you to increase your job opportunities in a rapidly expanding field in such a short time.

During the course, the theoretical part will always be complemented by a practical part, including design exercises and laboratory tests, with the assistance of experts who will guide each participant through the learning process.


Don't miss the chance to participate in a course that can change your professional life and introduce you quickly to the world of timber construction, thanks to the highest level of knowledge and networking. 

SUMMER SESSION:  22nd - 26th of July 2024 (last day for registration is 15th July 2024)

WINTER SESSION: 3rd - 7th of February 2025 (last day for registration is 27th January 2025)

The inspiring speakers

Our speakers are qualified experts with proven expertise in the field of structural engineering. They work with passion, standing out for their desire to pass on knowledge and experience.


Professor of structural engineering at the University of Ottawa. His area of expertise includes multi-scale understanding of how complete structural systems function, and how complete buildings respond to the effects of windstorms, ground shaking during earthquakes and other actions like impacts and blasts. He is a member of the National Building Code Standing Committee on Structural Design, Vice Chair of the CSA O86 Technical Committee on Engineering Design in Wood, Member of the CSA s850 Technical Committee on Blast Resistant Buildings, and board member and treasurer of Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering (CAEE).


Researcher at the Institute of Bioeconomy (formerly IVALSA) at the National Research Council of Italy and expert in the field of earthquake engineering applied to timber structures. He has been currently leading the working group on the accidental load situations within the European COST Action CA20139 for the holistic design of taller timber buildings.  As expert member of the Italian Committee for timber structures, Dr. Casagrande participated at the revision of the timber chapter of Eurocode 8 and at the plenary Committees for the revision process of Eurocode 5.


Matteo Andreottola is the manager of Rothoschool and an engineer for Rothoblaas. He worked in Ireland as a structural engineer for IJM timber frame engineering. He came back to Italy after this working experience abroad, to work as a structural engineer for Xlam Dolomiti. He participated in the structural design of big projects in Australia, like Grocon, Northumberland Street and Ballarat GovHub. Currently he works in Rothoblaas as the manager of Rothoschool, organizing courses, webinars, events, seminars and formations around the world, where he participates as a speaker, managing the organization as well.


Roberto Modena, a structural engineer, is carrying out his professional activity in the field of design and execution of timber structures since 1997. After graduation at the University of Trento, he started working at RUBNER Holzbau in Bressanone (Italy), assuming different roles. For about 10 years he was the Head of the Technical Office. Currently he is involved in different activities, including project management, development of new products and technologies. He constantly collaborates with the Department of Structural Engineering of the University of Trento and he was member of the Working-Group for the development of the regulation no. DT 206/2007 promoted by CNR. He is promoting the use of timber as a speaker at seminars, conferences, lectures and training courses.

He is author, with Prof. Maurizio Piazza and Prof. Roberto Tomasi, of the book "Timber Structures. Material, calculation and design according to the European Regulations” and co-author of the book "Fire Resistant Structures. Calculation methods, technologies and procedures for a real structural fire safety”.


Professor for Timber Structures at the Institute of Structural Engineering at ETH Zurich, his expertise is in timber construction and fire safety engineering. He is a member of the Swiss Society of Civil Engineers and Architects (SIA) and president of the Swiss Code Committee for Timber Structures. He is vice-chairman of TC250 SC5 (Eurocode 5, Timber Structures), chairman of TC250 SC5 WG4 (Eurocode 5, Timber Structures, Working Group Fire) and member of TC250 HGF (Horizontal Group Fire). He is member of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) and the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). He is member of Lignum and president of the Swiss Wood Innovation Network (S-WIN).


Paolo Grossi is a product engineer (PE) of the technical department of Rothoblaas. He worked previously as a former structural designer for Rubner Holzbau, one of the major Italian construction companies, producing and designing glulam and CLT structures. He studied civil engineering at the university of Trento where he obtained his Phd on timber structural design. 

He carried out a post-doc on the weathering process of bio-based material at CNR-IVALSA (Italian National Research Council), an Institute for the development of wood and tree species


Alessio Maffeo is one of the Technical Consultant and engineer of Rothoblaas. He worked previously as Project manager in Switzerland for a timber frame company based in Ticino. He designed residential and hospitality buildings following the planning and construction. As a Project Manager he had the role of 3D designer, material procurement, production of the prefabricated elements and construction phase drawings. He came back to Italy after this working experience abroad, to work as a Technical Consultant for Rothoblaas to follow clients and designer needs and questions. He follows the creation of calculation tools for the US market and day-to-day consultancy. He is now focused on Rothoblaas’s products for multistorey buildings such as Spider and Pillar for projects in Europe and US, and working to create tools to simplify the use of such products.


Riccardo Fanti is a structural engineer, graduated at University of Trento with a thesis on “CLT storey addition in existing masonry building”.


He has worked at Institute of Bioeconomy (formerly IVALSA) at National Research Council of Italy on research projects related to CLT shear-walls with openings, prefabricated foundations and connection systems for timber buildings.


He is a member of European COST Action CA20139 for the holistic design of taller timber buildings.

Rothoschool is the educational branch of Rothoblaas organizing courses on the most current topics of timber structural design, waterproofing and airtightness and fall protection. The enduring expertise and experience of the selected speakers guarantees to acquire professional knowledge. 


Rothoschool is also professional network and know-how exchange at national and international level. From coffee breaks to collateral activities set up for our guests, Rothoblaas makes sure that the time spent is of best quality and will be remembered with a smile.

Choose the package that suits your needs:

Each course has specific contents and objectives. The summer edition allows you to approach the world of timber by learning the basic concepts of design. The winter edition deepens these aspects by going into more detail on specific building systems.


Anyone who wants to specialise in timber construction and wants to stand out in the timber construction market by designing high quality timber buildings is recommended to purchase the complete package.


Places are limited to 30 participants in order to guarantee the quality of the course for each one.


Book now and take advantage of the special price, seats fill up quickly!

TEEW Summer Session

€ 2.100

€ 1.850

22nd - 26th of July 2024

Pre-booking 24th June

TEEW Winter Session

€ 2.100

€ 1.850

3rd - 7th of February 2025

Pre-booking 6th Juanuary


TEEW Full Pack

€ 3.900

€ 3.500
Pre-booking 24th June


What are the application deadlines?

The application deadline is 15th July 2024 SUMMER and FULL PACK and 27th January 2025 for the winter session.

What is included in the price?

The price includes participation in the course, accommodation, the lunches and 3 dinners. Transport from the hotel to the course location and back is also included, as well as transfers to the various dinner locations.

What is excluded?

Travel costs to the hotel from the country of origin are excluded. The costs of dinners during the 2 free evenings.

How long does the course last?

The complete course consists of 2 sessions of 30h each spread over 5 days (Mon-Fri): one in summer and one in winter.

Is it possible to register for only one session?

Yes. You can also register for a single session by choosing between summer session or winter session.

What happens if I cannot participate?

Summer session and full package: if the cancellation is made before 30th June 2024 the full amount will be refunded. After this date 50% of the amount will be retained.

Winter session: If the cancellation is made before 12th January 2025 the full amount will be refunded. After this date 50% of the amount will be retained.

When do I have to pay for the course?

Payment must be made on receipt of the invoice, which will be issued a few days after registration.

Will I have the opportunity to meet the speakers and other participants?

Yes, in addition to the course, there will be a number of networking activities both during the days of the course and during some organised evenings.

Where does the course take place?

The course will take place at the Rothoblaas headquarters in Via dell'Adige 2/1 - 39040 Cortaccia sulla strada del Vino - Bolzano - ITALY.

Where will I stay during the course?

Participants will stay 5 nights, from Sunday (check-in) to Friday (check-out) at the

Comfort Hotel Erica Dolomiti Val d'Adige, Dolomiti BZ, Via Nazionale, 20, 39040 Salorno sulla Strada del Vino BZ.

In what language will the course take place?

The course will be held entirely in English.

What knowledge do I need to attend the course?

It is important to have a basic knowledge of structures. It is not essential to have experience with timber structures: the course starts with the basics and goes through to more complex designs.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed primarily at engineers, structural engineers, architects/designers, recent graduates.

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